K10D + 18-55 Never, ever sharp!!!

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Re: Original picture - Big file

Alfisti wrote:

I see you've found Marc. Check my post history as i have had this dicsussion with him before. Now that discussion was over a tap and some bricks right behind it.

what about this
just supposing

the lens was set near infinity. it was pointed at the nuns, but the camera detected focus with the building first (lens having been near infinity anyway when focus operation started).

why would the lens/camera think "hmm, i got focus here, but let me rack in and see if there is anything closer i should focus on".

could this be a possibility ?

i still don't think the building is very sharp, but i agree now it is the "focus point". i still think the lack of sharpness for the distant building is a kit lens thing. but, it is an inexpensive lens. light, low cost and pretty good are its features.


if the subject doesn't cover the entire focus sensor, take advantage of the quickshift feature. if i want the nuns, twist the focus ring to "near" and let the camera rack out hunting a target. it will get to the nuns before the building. if i want the building and not the nuns, twist the focus ring to infinity and let the camera rack in. it will find the building first...

could this help ?

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