Are there any generic inks that truly match OEM?

Started Aug 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
Petruska Veteran Member • Posts: 7,954
Simple answer - NO!

You will most likely have a color shift that is noticeable.

You must custom profile your 3rd party and papers to obtain the best results.

What is the closest (95%) to OEM, Image Specialists inks (you can buy them on ebay at Precision Color).

It's worth a try for you as they sell 2oz bottles at a cheap price which includes nice fill plugs and syringe, you should also purchase their bottom output port clips, these are excellent. You also need a chip resetter.

There are also 3rd party refillable cartridges with ink and auto reset chips for about $8 each. Irv, here can fill you in.

I only use OEM cartridges as they are known to work the best to control proper ink flow. The bottom line is how picky you are with your prints.

Bob P.

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