D3100- High Speed Sync?

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Is high speed sync with external flash supported in D3100? Any idea? I have seen something like fill flash in the specification, what does it mean?

Nope, the feature you're looking for is Auto FP and it's not available on the D3100. Fill flash is used to illuminate areas in shadow when the background is much brighter than the subject.

I'm probably mixing up my terminology but the D3100 spec page shows that it has high-speed sync at 1/200 with speedlights. Isn't that what the OP is asking about? (sorry if I'm talking apples and oranges)


Yeah that's the maximum sync speed for the D3000, D3100 and D5000, regardless of flash. However, on the D90 and above there's an additional option called Auto FP that allows you to sync at faster speeds when using a compatible Speedlight (SB-600 and above):

"When Auto FP High Speed Sync is selected, the flash will fire for the duration of the shutter curtain's travel, thus syncing with the camera's shutter speed when that speed is set higher than the camera's normal sync speed."


How interesting. I don't use flash very often (just have the SB400 with my D40 - 1/500 synch :))

Thank you very much for the clarification and education!


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Yes, the high flash sync speed is one of the nice features of the D40. In fact, by covering all of the electrical contacts on the hot shoe bar the central and edge connectors it is possible to sync up to the 1/4000 s max shutter speed of the camera.

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