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Re: What do U think about this ....

As much as I would like to see Pentax go FF I don't believe it is going to happen anytime soon. Pentax seems to have settled on the APS-C for the time being. According to some Pentax officials APS-C is the sweet spot for digital DSLR's. If Pentax were to go FF then they would (according to some Pentax folks) have to design new lens as quality is an issue with current lens on a larger format. I don't see this happening anytime soon. As for the MZ-S body, I preferred the PZ1-P type body over the MZ-S. So, for me at least, I would love to see a downsized PZ1-P type body.
In reality, I see a new K7 type body coming soon.

Sweets wrote:

IF ... Pentax goes full-frame, how about re-using all those good things of the film MZ-S body-design ???

Easy access to lots of settings; better design for portrait shooting without pressing the shutter button when using the cam in landscape after portrait such as with my K20D and ... lots more.

I would say: again! use the mz-s body design as a basis and optimize it further and make the battery-grip just a fixed part of the cam ... waw ... ! I'll stand in line to get one !

Like to know your opinion on this one ;-).

(ok, maybe an old discussion but still ... full frame seems to get closer now.)
rgrds. Henk (K20D&DBG-2 & LBA).

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