What does the D3100 portend for the D90?

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Re: What does the D3100 portend for the D90?

Renato, my previous posts on this were wrong. This is a Nikon sensor, not a Sony. I did some digging and posted what I found here:
Briefly, this is the D3100 sensor

it has all the connections at the ends, which is a sign of an analog interface sensor like the D3S

Not a digital interface sensor like all current SONY CMOS, including the D90

and the NEX-5

(the black border makes it hard to see the wire connections here, but they are just visible towards the top of the chip)

rhlpetrus wrote:

The size of D3100 sensor is less than that of the NEX3 14MP sensor. The realease says it's Nikon designed. It has 1080p video, Sony's cameras have 1080i.

It seems Nikon is at least more involved in the development of the sensors, even if they are made by Sony.

There's a report of a new Sony camera with 16MP, so that there is such MP count in the Sony pipeline. That could be the D90's sensor, modified by Nikon.

The rumor is for ISO up to 25K, like D700 (??). It could also have other fps rates for video, that's likel to differentiate it from D3100.

My guess is:

Nikon 5000 stays for a while with reduced price.

D90+ in September as some say, 16MP, better body (mag alloy, 6-7 fps, more AF points)

Nikon 5100 early next year with same sensor as D3100 but better spec'd body and video.

About same time (D300s is looking awfully old now), D400 with same sensor as D90+, 14 bits and all other pro-line features (100% VF, etc, 8-9 fps, new AF system designed for D4).

Brooks P wrote:

The D3100 introduces a 14MP sensor that appears, on the surface, to eclipse Nikon’s current APS-C sensors. The Live View (LV) and Video Mode (VM) also top the other offerings. So how does Nikon address this with the D90/300s/5000 replacements?

Unless I’m missing something I don’t see that Sony has an APS-C sensor that is greater than 14MP. Nikon is not likely to put the Sony 14MP in the D90 replacement now that it is in the D3100, much less in the D300s replacement. Canon has an 18MP APS-C sensor and it stands to reason that since Canon is the primary competitor that Nikon will want to keep them in sight. Sony appears to be out of the picture as the supplier, so does that mean there is a possibility that Nikon might introduce their own sensor, maybe something in the 18MP range?

Better LV and VM seem to be a given, at least as good as the D3100, and very possibly even better.
Other thoughts?

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