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Actually I was wrong

This sensor is a Nikon, not a Sony.

here is a picture of the sensor from the Nikon site ( http://imaging.nikon.com/products/imaging/lineup/digitalcamera/slr/d3100/features01.htm#f01 ):

Notice all the contact lands are at the ends of the sensor - a characteristic of the Nikon canon-like analog sensor interface rather than the Sony digital interface.
See for comparison the D3S sensor (Nikon):

and the D90 sensor (Sony)

Edit: just to add, the NEX-5 sensor

(different package with a black border obscuring the chip connections, but you can just see the lands along the top of the chip, which the Nikon doesn't have)

Tyrone Wellhung wrote:

eNo wrote:

I've been saying the high-end would debut the higher MP sensor first (i.e., D300> > > D90> > > D5000), but Nikon proved me wrong. Now I'm wondering if the D300s successor will also feature a 14.2 MP sensor... or something else.

My guess would be that the D300 will have a sensor developed from D3s technology, not a Sony. If the D3100 turns out to be a Nikon sensor (not very likely) I'd guess it will use this sensor.

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