Canon Pro 9500 ink data when printer says "out of ink"!

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Canon Pro 9500 ink data when printer says "out of ink"!

First let me say, that I received so much help on this forum over the years that the least I can do is give back some meaningful data that I was constantly searching for. Two years ago, I started printing and started wondering how much Canon ink is left in the 14 ML cartridges, when the printer would tell me that the ink was out and I had to replace the ink. It warned me that not replacing the ink would void my warranty and lead to print problems. I would notice when I smashed a cartridge open, there was 5 ML still inside! Was I throwing out 33% of the costly ink?? I decided to save all 'out' cartidges, till my warranty expired, and I kept them in many sealed ziplock bags. When my warranty expired, I started re-putting the 'out' cartridges back in, and releasing the function that warned me to stop. As of today, I have used about 10 of these 'out' ink cartridges for each color (so about 100 total). I have had NO clogging or print issues of any kind during this test! This was my greatest fear and I can say I had ZERO issues! I would print until I noticed a missing color in a 4 x 6 and then replace the color. I would note the number of prints I got for each cartridge. I print primarily color photos (95%) and all 4 x 6 for this test. Here are my results for each color:

Green-57 prints on avg.

Red-52 prints on avg.

Yellow-52 avg.

Photo Magenta-51 avg.

Photo Cyan-51 avg.

Magenta-51 avg.

Matte Black-47 avg.

Cyan-46 avg.

Photo Black-43 avg.

Grey-41 avg.

The average overall is 49 additional 4 x 6 pics per 10 pack of inks. So that means if you are willing, and at your own risk, to bypass the settings, you can get 1,176 square inches of additional ink out of a set of cartridges! By my estimation that means there is 20% additional ink in the cartridge still when the printer says it is 'out'! Or, put another way, you can save 20% of your ink costs by releasing this function. There is still some ink in there too, but it loses its 'gravity' at some point. So for those that do not want to go the route of buying 3rd party inks, which are hard to find for these pigment printers, and also risky IMO as to longevity, I think this helps save money in the long haul. Do it at your own risk, but these are the results I had. Hope this helps a few of you.

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