Lenses for 5D Mark II Newbie

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Re: What???

Right, but as part of a kit it's incredibly cheap.. Don't get all anal on me dude

Actually I forgot about the 85 1.8 (i figured you meant that one since the 1.2 is a gazilliion dollars), it's doesn't have that L style build quality but one of canons best deals for sure.. But then again that 100mm L macro is a lousy plastic thing, you can squeeze it out of shape.. bit of a worry!

PeterY wrote:

Don't insult a 5D with anything cheaper than a 24-105.. you will kick yourself later.

135mm L f2.0
17-40mm L f4
70-200mm L IS f4
100mm L f2.8
85mm L f1.2

all lower in price then the 24-105 bought separately...I can go on. None of the above are considered "insult" to the 5D. One of my personal fav lens, the el cheapo 50mm f1.8 would not be an insult to the 5D.

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