tips for lighting LARGE FLAT objects?

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Flat view
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tips for lighting LARGE FLAT objects?

Hi all!

I have been tasked with setting up and photographing product shots of large, flat objects. The objects in question are large leather hides, the hides typically range from 30-65 square feet and are far to large for just about any sort of light tent setup I have seen or read about.

I will try to post some pictures of the area I am photographing in(or trying). But I was curious if anyone could give me some tips on what sort of technique to use, lights, flash, tripod, or whatever else anyone thinks may make the photographs come out better or make my life easier.

Most of the problems I run into are what seems like not enough light at times as my photo's initially come out quite dark. I also run into issues with glossy leathers that reflect light causing excessive "hot spots" or glare.

My main equipment at the moment is;
Nikon D40
non-horizontal tripod
large roll out back drops for the floor

Currently I use the lights hanging for most of my light(they are 5000K spectrum fluro's) and at times open a large bay door to let natural light in.

Thanks in advance for ANY help that can be given. I also have a budget I can dip into for more equipment but most of the lighting will probably have to be DIY based on some of the kit prices I have seen.

I should also note that I can control those individual lights hanging from the ceiling and typically have most off with the exception of 2 depending on where I need/want light to come from.

Flat view
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