Pentax K-7, IR Remote, Catch-in-focus.

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Pentax K-7, IR Remote, Catch-in-focus.

With the Pentax K-7 (and I assume the K20D) you can do catch-in-focusing (hummingbirds) with the IR Remote using manual focusing lenses, Pentax autofocusing lenses with an AF/MF switch on the lens, or any autofocusing lens and shorting out the data pin on the camera body with a small peice of aluminum foil. It is the contact pin that is at the very bottom as you look into the camera.

(1) In the Menu set Auto Power Off = OFF
(2) In the Custom menu set tab 3, item 16 (Auto focus with remote control = 2)
(3) In the Custom menu set tab 5, item 35 (Catch-in-focus =2)
(4) Set the AF-S/AF-C/MF switch on the left side of the camera to AF-S.

(5) If using a Pentax autofocusing lens with an AF/MF switch on the lens, set it to MF.

(6) In the Drive Mode menu set to Remote Continuous Shooting. As far as I know only the K-7 and k20D has this setting.

If you just press the IR remote the red light will begin flashing again in about ten seconds so what you have to do is "prime" the process. You do this by taking a first image by pressing the IR Remote and then within ten seconds focus on something that will be in the same general area as your future subject. The camera should fire, then you quickly recompose so that the area of pre-focus is no longer in focus, or remove whatever it is you focused on in the first place (your wife's finger perhaps.....a joke is in there somewhere). Now the red light will not be flashing and the camera will fire only when something (a hummingbird perhaps) comes into the pre-focused area. It will continue to fire whenever a subject comes into the pre-focused area until the battery runs down or you press the IR Remote or you turn the camera power off.

I tested the following lenses on the K-7:
(1) Pentax DA*50-135/2.8 (has AF/MF switch on the lens)
(2) Tamron SP 180/2.5 Adaptall 2
(3) Pentax DA 50-200mm (shorted out the data pin)

Note: It was forum member kameratfinn in another thread that started me researching this IR Remote process for the K-7.

Do not forget to prime the process .

I hope what I've written is understandable.



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