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Started Aug 6, 2010 | Discussions thread
Graystar Veteran Member • Posts: 8,373
Re: updated light meter tests for YN-560

creaDVty wrote:

Hi Graystar. You mentioned that the power of the YN-560 is only about that of the SB-600. I believe at the time you read those reviews, some reviews were based on pre-production units. speedlights.net for example has since updated its results to show that the YN-560 has almost the same power as an SB-900 (just 0.1 of a stop less).

The updated results there appear to be consistent with the light meter tests referenced by Robert_Pat in the flickr strobist discussion on this topic, with a real GN of 32m or 33m at 35mm setting, ISO 100.

Thanks for noting that...good info to know.


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