Why are people selling the Panasonic GF1 more often than the others

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Why are people selling the Panasonic GF1 more often than the others

Interesting perception I developed during recent weeks.

This not a troll....I started giving some background to my question but decided its to much...deleted it and this is the short version.....

I was in the M4/3 world, got out again. Then a months ago I decided to get back, really considered the GF1 and the E-P1 (E-PL1 to lesser degree) and finally decided for the E-P2.

While doing the general search for info, reading everything that passes the eye I did notice that the GF1 gets sold much more than the E-P1 or 2. The G1 or GH1 just do not appear on the bay's but the GF1 is easily in a 4 to 1 ratio to the E-P2.

Why would that be, is there a:

  • flaw in the design?

  • Is it to advance for the user that move from compact to M4/3?

  • Does it not deliver on what the reviewers promise?

  • Is the negative press to much (color, focus ++)?

I like to get some feedback from you guys....



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