Wide angle and Filters

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Re: Wide angle and Filters

Not at all - it's my fault, I completely misread your post.

It's true that misinformation in questions is all too common! - but not in your case, this one was my mistake.

Just for info though - realising now that you have the 18-55 doesn't change my thoughts on the choice of ultrawide - the 8-16 wouldn't be my choice unless you really do need that 8 mm. As a frequent user of 10 mm myself, I can say that it is wide enough for almost anything (beyond that it's fisheyes and panos). And even when you have a 17/18-xx lens in your bag, the versatile range of the 10-22 can mean far fewer lens changes.

KnightsOfNi wrote:

Thank you Steve for your reply your suggestions are very useful, especially as you confirmed that missing out on filters on the 8-16 could be an issue.

I never intended to mislead, but I should probably been clearer in my original post.

For that I apologize and hope you will continue to contribute as your comments are appreciated.

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