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Re: Perspective correction has its limits

No, see that looks great to me - it doesn't look like I am looking at a photo of that building where the photo is being tilted in frot of me. It looks like a building would look from that perspective.

As citylights mentions, the tilted shots can be taken as fun. That is fine, who am I to say they are wrong. Personally, I prefer the non-tilted look, but the tilted look can work on some structures in my opinion.

Peter Kwok wrote:

kobeson wrote:

I am not a big fan of a lot of photos with the building tilted, especially front on from the buildig. If you can get on an angle it works better sometimes, but unless the building is architecturally unusual (like that pbase white interior shot) I don't particularly like vintage buildings tilted. My personal tastes.

Here is a 10mm shot of a vintage building that I tried to correct for perspective. It is NOT completely straighten out, but it is starting to look unreal.

The top floor windows are still smaller than the ground floor's in this photo. But, to human eyes, they look too large.

Even if you are blessed with $$$ to buy TC lens, the perspective from down below still looks unnatural.
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