5d Mark II and AI Servo

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5d Mark II and AI Servo

Hi All,

Would appreciate input on using the 5dii with AI Servo.
What settings, if any, are you using to attain some degree
of sharp images?

I am a late comer to the 5dii. I do not expect it to compete with
focus on my 1dmkii, but I'm hoping to get better than what I am.

Went to the Chicago Air/Water Show this past weekend and shot
only with my 5dmkii and 70-200 2.8L IS II. Nice bright day. Shot mostly
at 2.8 and 1/2500. Also tried stop down to f4 but this didn't make
much, if any, difference. Hand held and tracking with IS on.

Most images felt like they were front focusing a bit (but one-shot mode
seems okay on static subject and landscapes).

I've had the camera only about 2 weeks, and haven't really put it through it's paces. In one-shot mode, it seems pretty much on. Live view with the zoom in is very precise.

Also, I have not attempted to micro adjust the 70-200. My understanding is that micro adjusting changes for relatively close subjects versus far subject like a jet zipping by (say a few 100 feet away).

Oh, even the jumpers were not crisp as they were coming in for a landing. And I was less than 100 feet from touch down.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

Flat view
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