Lenses for 5D Mark II Newbie

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Lenses for 5D Mark II Newbie

Clearly one of the challenges as someone new to Canon, on a limited budget (what else is new?) and seriously considering a full frame 5D Mark II, is the somewhat limited choice of lenses.

My requirements:

a) IS for anything beyond the wide angle and super fast normal range. I have a slight age related hand tremor

b) not overly heavy (1.5 lbs is definitely my limit and I prefer lighter....At 70 toting large heavy lenses is a major drag)

I want
one wide angle zoom since I do lots of landscapes.
one telephoto zoom since I do wildlife, though not distant wildlife
one fast normal lens (this one appears to be a no brainer for the 50mm f1.4)

On my list of possible lenses are
24-105mm f4 IS
28-135mm IS
16-35mm f2.8
17-40mm f4
70 - 300mm F4-5.6 IS
70-300mm DO IS

I figure on one of the first four, possible two if I can afford it, and one of the last two, plus the 50mm.

Recommendations appreciated.



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