I want to get my Sunpak Flash Off Camera

Started Aug 16, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: I want to get my Sunpak Flash Off Camera

You don’t need a flash you need a tripod small smoke look better with lower speed. Set your smoking stuff about 8” off of the BG (my 20” LCD screen on desk top) a 6’ floor lamp with an open top (up side down cone) stand about 4’ and close to 90 degree from center of LCD, a folded 45 degree angle white card to the right pointing back to the lamp. Set my camera to Manual ISO 200 and lens wide open at F2 and start testing from speed of 1/30 second on down. I just shot a pink rose in a glass vase did not set it to smoke it look good at about 1/10 second and try to manually focus on a stick or some kind and then remove (if you going to shoot only smoke) hope this help...Pom

It is hard for camera and flash to focus and reading from thin smoke and black BG.

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