Adobe did it!

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Adobe did it!


What can I tell you, I kissed my NX2 for the last time and I dumped it unceremoniously into the Trashcan! Understand though, I have not had any "issues" with it on either platforms I used. As a Nikon Raw converter and a major replacement for PS for me at least it was the "cat's miaow"...

Yes, it was Lightroom3 that did it for me! I was never any friend of ACR and I never ever use it, though I have the option with CS3/4, I can not comment on the CS5 version...I think I will still skip it, although I understand it is the same engine.

Why Lightroom3????Simply, image quality and better over all performance in 64bit. The situation is not ideal, I was really used to the floating pallets and the four channel curves in NX, but for whatever Adobe did to their RAW engine specially for the NEF files, I am actually getting a better conversion from Lightroom3 and interestingly ...the tiff conversion is no longer the option for me. I use the DNG save mode into CS and there is considerable difference between these two save options. The images have a better over all quality to them, you know ...contrast, colour the saturation...sharpness, just to mention a few areas I have noticed considerable surprises.

Where are the pictures... well... I think you should give some of your own NEF files a new processing through LR3, you may come to the same conclusions I did.

So, NX had us Nikon shooters, since they did not give out the code to third party developers of what in-camera settings we choose to use... well dump all that experience out the window...this is a new world where Adobe made some remarkable steps to decode NEFs is a way that I am re-developing some of my favourite images through LR3 and DNG.

There is a considerable set of futures I do not like in LR3, but in the develop module everything comes together with the final image quality and really that what matters to me.

It is too bad NX2 did not morph into a better performer with 64 bit options etc...,
but hey there is a new(old) kid in town!
Just one more comment, I did not like LR1/2 at all... but it has grown up!
Tony K

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