I want to get my Sunpak Flash Off Camera

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Re: I want to get my Sunpak Flash Off Camera

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HI, I have the Canon EOS 550D and a sunpak PZ42X Flash. I started looking at flash sync cables then it was suggested to try the wireless triggers. I spent the past few hours researching them and it seems there are issues with the wireless triggers and the sunpak flash. The YongNuo definitely have issues with the sleep/wake mode of the flash and cactus v4 triggers dont work. Has anyone found any wireless triggers that work or do I have to be happy with a sync cord?

The Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord (ie. OC-SC 2, OC-SC 3 or compatible) is the only thing that for sure will fire your Sunpak PZ42X off camera.

Unlike most flash units, the Sunpak PZ42X will not fire if you just short the edge and centre pin. Since most hot-shoe adapters just provide a centre pin and a edge contact, this means that they will not work with the PZ42X.

I have not tested the PZ42X with a pseudo-dedicated wireless triggers such as the Canon-version of the YongNuo RF-602. There are user reports out there that this combination works if you disable the power-save mode on the PZ42X. To disable this, hold down the mode and select (SEL) buttons as you power up as described here: http://dpanswers.com/content/radio_flash.php#rf602

I haven't tested this combination myself, but you should at least be able to try out whether disabling the power save mode works before ordering.

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