I want to get my Sunpak Flash Off Camera

Started Aug 16, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: I want to get my Sunpak Flash Off Camera

I'm using RadioPopper JrX Studio triggers on my Canon 5DmkII and with Canon and LumoPro portable flashes. They work great. Don't know about Sunpak. These units do not support eTTL or HSS, but they do allow remote, manual power adjustment on Canon, Nikon, Alien Bee, White Lightning, and compatible flashes (clones with the same capabilities). So, I can set my flash on a stand and adjust power from camera on up to three flash groups, which I love. Not sure if that will work with the Sunpak or not...probably not unless it is a Canon/Nikon clone. But they should fire just about any flash unit that can be hooked up to the receiver. A basic transmitter/receiver combo is $140, and the "studio" model, which allows remote power adjustment, is $160. Remote power adjustment for Canon/Nikon and compatible flashes requires the RPCube, which is an additional $30.


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