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Re: did you see that camera/lens used by doctors inserted in a patients body

John King wrote:

That having been said, the 7~14 is at least on a par with the Nikkor 14~24 (a bit ahead, a bit behind - nothing is ever exactly the same ... ).

I think that you might have added the rider 'IMO' (or even 'IMNSHO', of you really want) there, John, because I don't think what you've said would match the opinion of many other folks, certainly not so many that you can establish it as a fact.

Anyway, just to put some meat on the bones of your statement, I've been looking for reliable review sources that have tested both lenses, and I must say , they are hard to find. So, I'm wondering which was the source of your information, or was it personal experience?

I was going to make a comparison based on two different reviews, but I couldn't find one of the Olympus that gives proper MTF figures over a range of

f-numbers and FL's, so I'm afraid that I'm a bit stumped as to where your assessment of optical quality comes from, unless, as I said, it's your own test.

So far as the objective things go, I find it had to see that the two lenses are in the same league. For a start, the Nikkor offers a stop smaller -number, which gives it three stops light gathering advantage when mounted on the camera for which it would give the (roughly) same angles of view as the Zuiko, and three stops is huge when it comes to light gathering, certainly enough for many people to consider the 12 extra mm in length, 11 extra in diameter, 120g extra in weight and $1 in price of the Nikkor. In fact, given by how much people are willing to spend for the two stops an f/2.8 and an f/1.4, I'd think most would consider three stops for $1 and a little size and weigh an incredible bargain.

So, unless you're saying that the 'on a par' relates to optical performance, I really can't see where you're coming from.

Given that, according to SLR gear's tests, the 14-24 is right up to SHG standards wide open at f/2.8 , three stops in light gathering ahead of the Zuiko, I think what you're saying is a big ask of the Oly lens, when the tests finally arrive.

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