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resolution is not the most important to me

resolution is not the most important to me. its high ISO. 12 to 14 is a small change and its good that nikon puts the latest technology in every camera.

A D90 replacement will be out soon. and it looks like the D90 replacement will be moved more upscale to take on the 50d line of cameras.

I would guess the D300s replacement will take on the 7d line or even go fx and take on the 5D.

Telefoto wrote:

I really don't understand Nikon's marketing strategy. If you are new to Nikon and you see this new lineup with the 14 MP offering being at the right end of their line up, what on earth is supposed to be the incentive to buy a much more costly D300s or D3? Yes, resolution isn't everything to experienced shooters, but it is very, very important. I just don't get why Nikon wouldn't roll out a new prosumer DX body at least equal in MP at the same time. Maybe they will, who knows, no formal announcements yet. But, if this magazine article is genuine, why would they not include it if it was coming. Not encouraging.

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