Japanese market share H1 2010: Panasonic m4/3 jumps to 11%

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Re: Perhaps this will finally convince manufacturers

Everdog wrote:

onlooker wrote:

rrr_hhh wrote:

What is pushing the sales of the MFT bodies is that people want a ligth system, not giving too much away when it comes to IQ.

...The smaller, lighter lenses that were supposed to challenge SLR lenses for quality do not...

The Panasonic 20mm lens proves you wrong.

You are giving me anecdotal evidence of one lens. Sorry, that is not convincing. In addition, even that lens has significant pre-correction distortions which results in degraded post-correction corners ( http://www.photozone.de/olympus--four-thirds-lens-tests/464-pana_20_17?start=1 ). And what about the rest of the lenses? 40 mm equivalent focal length is hardly a great selection.

The fact my m43 kit lens is sharper than my Canon kit lens proves you wrong.

I had the 14-45 mm lens on my G1, and I get to differ. It is an average consumer lens with strong pre-correction distortions. I have not used Canon kit lens, so I cannot comment. I also had the 45-200 lens, and it did not impress me either, to be polite. Now, they are inexpensive, so for the price, I suppose they are decent values. But then we are talking about consumer grade, and I was talking about high quality, even if it means higher prices. Those options are available only when you go to legacy lenses through adapters (see my previous post).

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