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Re: D3100 now highest res Nikon other than D3x?

Mach Schnell wrote:

First of all, it is temporary. Certainly the majority, if not all, of Nikon's new dSLR releases will be 14mp or greater.


Second, are you really going to see an appreciable difference between 12mp and 14mp. Highly unlikely.

right , no visible difference at all.

even 18 vs 12mp , I did many times and could not see real difference.

in fact , I notice that the D700 12mp with better lens was sharper than my ex 7D with Canon's best lens..............

but I see clear difference between the 5D2 with 85L and the D700 with 85f1.4D at ISO 100 -800 but still it is not that huge difference in real life.

I can always stich many of my 12mp shots anyway to make a huge print..........

so , I agree with you while 14mp is a good thing for marketing , it is not really better than 12mp in any regard , look the K7 vs Kx , there is almost no differnce between these 2 from ISO200 to 800 , from 800 and up , the Kx is much better.

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