New lenses photos and info at NikonRumors

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Re: New lenses photos and info at NikonRumors

I saw that and I decided to keep my old 85f1.4D , which is much more elegant lens and probably better lens for video but I will probably get the new 85 if it is better than my Canon 85f1,2L2 or Zeiss 85f1.4ZF2, if it is not better than these , I just keep my current 3 85mm lenses(Canon, Nikon and Zeiss).

24-120VR , it is too expensive for this kinda lens Canon 24-105f4LIUSM is just 980USD now.
28-300VR? I have no interest in this one but many may get interested in it.

55-300DX ? no thanks, I prefer my 70-200f2.8VR2 and 70-300VR.

Mato34 wrote:

24-120/4 1220 €
85/1.4 (no VR?) 1650 €
28-300 FX 1000 €
55-300 DX 420 €

It seems that all four lenses are going to be quite popular, not specialized ones.

Hoping to know more about the new 24/120


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