Info Appreciated from Dual Users of 7D and 5D Mark II

Started Aug 16, 2010 | Discussions thread
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markpsf Senior Member • Posts: 2,732
Info Appreciated from Dual Users of 7D and 5D Mark II

The bottom line:
Returning to a DSLR after an excursion into rangefinder land.
Have handled a 5D Mark II and had a Nikon D90 a few years ago.
Much info available comparing the 7D and 5D.

Of course I'll try to find a 7D to handle, but just a couple of unanswered questions re the 7D.

Viewfinder size and brightness is very important to me for composing. The one on the 5D is superb. The one on the D90 quite good but not comparable. I've seen diagrams showing the comparison of the 7D viewfinder size, but the map is never the territory and certainly I have no sense of the overall brightness of the 7D one. Have any of you worked with both cameras? If so, your take on the size and brightness of the 7D viewfinder compared to the 5D?

Shutter sound and loudness. Not a critical territory, but for quiet setting for candids a loud clanky shutter can be an annoyance. The one on the 5D seems relatively soft and quiet. How about the 7D?

Ease of changing settings. Of course a rangefinder can spoil you in this territory. I also love being able to easily change ISO, aperture settings, white balance, etc, quickly. Which of the two cameras is more user friendly in this respect?

Given it being cheaper, a later model, and very well reviewed, the 7D is tempting...but I want to know what the tradeoffs will be since the 5D is a sweet camera.



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