Manual focus on G series

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my own short test with Nikon-lenses

attached to my new G1 I have made the following observations,
sorry, no pictures for pixel peepers ;-)!

1. Nikon AF-Zoom-Lenses are usable, but I find it a bit difficult, to get the right focus point in the distance, for example with the 18-105mm Kit lens. On my cheap adapter, usually, I have to open the aparture, to get the right focus, close the aparture one stop or two, but there are no really stops on the adapter. Wide open, it isn't that sharp, as on the Nikon. The same with the 55-200m VR, but it's better for focusing. With both lenses i have only really narrov DOF , even in the distance, but it's great for flowers. The AF-ring on manual, you have a very short way, to get the right sharpness.

2. With my primes, a Tokina 2,8/100mm Makro, an AF 1,8/50mm Nikon, and the AF 1,8/35mm Nikon, the focus point pops right in the EVF, and they are sharp, even wide open!

Conclusion: legacy lenses, better use fast primes, and in Photoshop give it a bit more contrast und unsharp mask. The pictures sharpens very good, and after that, picutres are really great! And, the G1 with legacy lenses is a great fun to use!

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