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To answer the OP's question ...

To cloudybay ....

I have no idea your financial situation. For me as a reasonably prudent photographer, to look into digital rangefinders, an RD-1 or used M8 will depreciate least if you decide it is not for you.

CV lenses, while not the equal of the Leica, are an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE cheaper. That is, loop off a zero. I'd love to have $3500 to spend on a 35mm focal length lens, but the reality is that I don't. And if I did, it better have Leica performance and warranty.

For me, it's better to sacrifice a bit in technical IQ to get the RF shooting experience. And when I say a bit, I do mean a bit, some of the CV lenses can be seriously compared to their Leica equivalents. ( Check out Irwin Puts)

As I have a RD-1 and a Nikon D300, I can assure you that up to about 11X14 inch prints, the missing 6 mega pixels do not matter a bit. (practically as opposed to theoretically). In 16X20, it does start to matter.

The colors straight out of the camera are excellent. One of the my favorite portraits of my wife is with the CV40mm 1.4 and the RD-1. 8X10, still hangs on my office wall as others come and go. The colors are just warmer. I can get close in Photoshop, but not quite the same.


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