Please help, I need some opinions on some pictures.

Started Aug 14, 2010 | Discussions thread
fotog400d Regular Member • Posts: 497
Pose of 2nd but setup of 3rd

If you could retake the photo, here are my observations/suggestions. IMHO:

Photo 1) Nice pose but a lot of the face of the kid is not visible and the face stuck to the upper copper-colored part of the statue is a bit of an issue

Photo 2) Better pose with a bit of the face showing. Also, there is now a bit of separation between the face and the upper copper-colored part of the statue.

Photo 3) Nice bokeh/blurring of the background which makes the boy and statue jump out more

It would be nice if you could get the pose of the 2nd photo (and even get a bit more of the boy's face) with the bokeh of the 3rd photo by moving farther and using your zoom at maximum opening.

Also, you might want to check your focus - the photos seem a bit soft. Or is it just the effect of reducing file size for posting?

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