New 4/3 sensor preview?

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Re: that review is useless...

Amin Sabet wrote:

I think we can sort of conclude from that review that on full auto mode, most photos come out a bit darker with the LX5 than they do with the LX3. More interesting was Goh's statement that Panasonic is claiming 31% more sensitivity, similar to what they claimed (and met) for the LX3 compared to the LX2.

No doubt that's all true, but the problem in auto mode is that we don't know what the cause of that change in EV is. It could be anything from the microlenses to the processor to the JPEG engine, etc. I have no reason to doubt Panasonic's claims of increased performance because of the new microlenses, and I'm hopeful that it's true and measurable improvement when they move that technology to the new GH.

My beef is with this review in claiming to prove something that by the nature of their impromptu testing is incapable of proving that which they're testing one way or another.

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