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Darkroom Enlarger bellows and lenses examples

Your mention of your old F1 set up reminded me of my old Omega enlarger I had hiding in the garage. I pulled it out and found the two lenses I had for it (50mm f/4 and 75mm f/3.5). I already had a T-mount adapter plate for mounting my old Canon F1 to the bellows. So I used my FD to micro adapter to take macro and micro images with the E-PL1.

Following images of dime coin were taken at 800 ISO at f16 and f22 with no in-camera enhancement. These small (fine) JPEGs are straight out of camera.

Actually a more compact and easier to focus set up than the Hassy...LOL ...go figure!

E-PL1 mounted on enlarger bellows

Macro taken with 75mm Bestar enlarger lens bellows not extended

75mm Bestar with bellows fully extended

Micro taken with 50mm Rodenstock f/4 enlarger lens and bellows not extended

Micro with 50mm Rodenstock f/4 enlarger lens and bellows fully extended

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