Will the new sony dslr models threaten canikon dominance?

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Re: No it is not an attempt to be misleading

WaltKnapp wrote:

The market is then one big one of all Cameras, some 110 million/year sales. And NEX is small fish in that. So are DSLRs, but DSLR users don't try and tack on the numbers of sales of some other type to pad their numbers. They make their importance by shooting photos.


Walt, I think it has been said before, by someone else, but please allow me to try again: The camera industry itself groups all system cameras into one category, and all "p&s" cameras into another. There are reasons for this. In order to communicate with each other effectively, we need to use the same terminology, not invent new terminology for ourselves. (You have said this yourself.)

And system cameras, for the camera industry, clearly include CSCs (compact system cameras) as well as standard dslrs.
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