Old Pentax vs. Old Nikon

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Re: Old Pentax vs. Old Nikon

achalmrt wrote:

The grandious success of the Spotmatic was in the sixities, not in the seventies as PerL wrote. AFIK Pentax sold more than 10 million cameras in the first 20 years. The chrome on the brass was far better (like satin) and thicker than later. The leather cases were made of ca. 5 mm thick leather - much more durable than later material.

The Spotmatic was introduced 1964 but was sold until 75 in different variations.

The Asahi Pentax ES from 1972 was the first camera with electronic shutter. In that time every slr had to have manual times because the pros did not trust the electronic shutter. The ES has five manual times from 1/60 to 1/1000. Asahi had to develop the electronic by themselves because nobody had programmable integrated circuits. There was no place in the body for the electronic in the former model - therefore they put the pertinax-platine with discrete parts in a longer bottom part of the camera. That is the reason why the ES is higher than the spotmatic. I bought the ES several years ago and the former owner had all stuff he got in 1972 - the manual, case with crown on it and smaller punchcards (for japanese letters) than IBM cards who had 80 columns.

The consumer electronic developed very fast in the seventies. We got the first calculators in 1972 and integrated circuits on flexible base with oszillators and quarz were common in slrs in the end of the seventies.

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