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Pocket Wizard AC3

I've just received my AC3 unit.
Works extremely well, just what I was hoping for.

There's one function I've been trying to use with no luck. No one (even at Pocket Wizard!) was able to advise me if it would work or not..

I want to set my Flex radios to different zones (Key Light, Fill Light, Back light), and trigger the zones independently from my Sekonic meter, with the PW radio.

It is compatible with the older Zone triggering system of the MultiMax (A,B,C,D). It does not however, work the the new TTL triggers (Flex TT5). They only use 3 zones, A, B, C. I was told by various distributers that they are different systems entirely, and not compatible with one another.

I think it must be the new firmware, as this is now possible! I'm very happy about that, as it makes my life easier!

On a bad note, one thing I was hoping to do, is not possible...

You can use the AC3 to control Speedlights in manual mode. This is a great feature. But when you're working in manual mode, you're going to need to meter the lights. The wireless triggering mode of the Sekonic meter will not do this. This is because the PW units still communicate with TTL signals, which the Sekonic is not compatible with.

I really do hope they bring a fix out for this!

Anyway, I thought I share this bit of news, just in case there's anyone out there trying to do the same sort of things as me!

All the best,


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