Best affordable f1.4 lens?

Started Aug 13, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Yashica ML 50 1.4 (With review link)

I do not own a digital olympus. But I do have an original Pen FT with a 38/1.8. If I had a digital Pen, I would definitely want one of these inexpensive lenses adapted for my camera.

Having said that, I use an adapted Yashica ML 50 1/4 for my Canon T2i. Works great with a lovely bokeh. It is an very good lens, but was overshadowed by the Zeiss Contax 50s, which worked on the same system. You can probably find a ML 50 for around $50 if you look hard enough, and another $50 for the adapter (which will also allow you to adapt Contax glass) and you are all set.

Here is a review of the lens on an Olympus 620:

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