Have Adobe gone mad?

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Re: Have Adobe gone mad?

Photofsi wrote:

Absolutely 100% no sympathies for people that are having problems. None at all. If you work in IT, you know that that there are problems in early releases. Hence, the reason why business will not adopt Microsoft operating systems until the first service pack has been released. So if photography is your business you should not be upgrading at all at this point.

Software development and IT are very tough enviorments are very tough to work in. The health effects from working in this enviornment are very intense. Herniated discs, deteriorating vision and stress related issues are the world of IT. So unless the peanut gallery on this forum wants to roll up their sleeves and start coding I would suggest you run your photography business like modern IT shops. Don't upgrade till the bugs are out and the product is stable.

Sorry for the rant but I am just sick and tired of people slamming IT workers.

No one is slamming the programmers working at the coal face. No software is perfect, and there will always be bugs. Most reasonable people however, would think there is a certain minimum standard that any software should attain before it's released to be paid for by the public. Did LR3 reach that level before it was released? I don't think so. If the released product is worse than the Beta2, then it obviously was not ready.

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