Football from last weekend

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Re: Football from last weekend

Dont resist - let yourself succumb to a 1D - you'll never look back - trust me.

Guarantee you'll go to another level. (2nd hand MKIV perhaps)


Timberland wrote:

A 1D body must be better in the AF department, still trying to resist trying one. I once tried the Canon 300 F2.8IS...

Thanks for the info Zoooming.


zoooming wrote:

I'd be interested to see how much better you would go using a 1D series body - I'm sure you'd notice the difference and probably wouldn't go back.

Last weekend I was giving a few tips to a friend while he was shooting sport with his 7D. When he switched to a MKIV he had just purchased second hand it blew him completely away. While he is still learning all the tricks to the trade he found the MKIV easier to use and was getting more 'keepers' with it than the 7D.

From my personal experience even the MKIIN focuses faster than the 7D. Not knocking the 7D though - it is great value for money and as can be seen from your images can certainly deliver the goods.


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