Non-Studio Portrait Setup Query

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Non-Studio Portrait Setup Query

I'm trying to improve my portrait photogs, and wanted to invest in some basic lighting equipment in order to do so. I don't shoot professionally, so most of my "sessions" are family and friends.

I currently shoot with a 7D and 580 EX II, typically bounced off a ceiling or wall. Once and a while I'll take it off camera, but haven't done it much. Here is what I was thinking of doing (trying to minimize cost):

-2 Stands:

-1 Umbrella tilt head:

-1 shoot through white umbrella:

-1 reflector arm:

-1 reflector:

I don't have the capital to add another speedlight right now, but was thinking about putting the 580 EX on a stand, shooting through umbrella, off camera right. Then, have the reflector mounted on the other stand off camera left providing fill left. Given I am now shooting with a backdrop, I wouldn't need to illuminate anything behind the model, other than what the reflector and speedlight would provide.

I haven't ordered anything, and haven't decided 100%, but wanted to get everyone's thoughts on my proposed setup above. Helpful?

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