New lenses photos and info at NikonRumors

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Re: New lenses photos and info at NikonRumors

I'm not convinced that these aren't easy photoshop jobs. The 24-120/4 looks an awful lot like the existing 24-120/3.5-5.6 and the 28-300 looks a lot like the DX 18-200. Even the 85/1.4 looks a lot like the new 24/1.4.

I'd expect a new 24-120/4 to match the style of the 16-35/4. Zoom ring close, focus ring far. Just like the pro lineup. I'm also hoping for a fully enclosed lens barrel (non-extending on zoom), again similar to the 16-35, although it's not exactly critical. The provided photo looks like the 24-120/3.5-5.6 with changed text and a gold ring added.

(edit: on looking some more, the existing 24-120 is a good bit different. Perhaps more like the 16-85?)

As for the 28-300, that seems awful small for that kind of zoom range. I'd expect a considerably larger lens than the DX 18-200. Overall style looks appropriate for that class of lens though. The consumer-type design fits it. The provided photo looks just like the DX 18-200 with some changed text.

I don't have a whole lot of "evidence" for the 85/1.4. It just looks like someone shopped an existing 85/1.4 front element onto a 24/1.4 lens and changed the text. I expect it to look about like that though, but I'd think with a bit different dimensions. (compare 85/1.4D to 28/1.4D).

I can't really speak to the 55-300.


Of course, having said all that, I could be completely wrong and I'd be just as happy either way. In any case, I want one of each of 24-120/4, 28-300/3.5-5.6, and 85/1.4. Now I just need another job or a raise... Heh!

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