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mogando668 wrote:

but i never get the appeal of the 24-120/4 FX, either in Canon or Nikon. F/4 is not that fast, bokeh must be so-so, it's not that much different from a variable aperture one (3.5-5.6), and you pay a freaking high premium for it.

The aperture affects the a amount of out of focus blur, not the bokeh itself (bokeh is the quality of the out of focus areas not the quantity) - but it makes bokeh more visible.

The focal length range is very useful - from wide angle to medium telephoto. It's ideal, as others already mentioned, for travel and everything else where there more DoF is needed or wanted.

The constant f/4 is a nice thing to have as it allows to stop thinking about the aperture while zooming.

If a photographer wants a lens with lower weight and cheaper price he always can get a 16-85 mm DX and a DX body

In my opinion such "slow" standard zooms are a good compromise in many situations and for many users if the photographer has some fast primes in his bag.

f/4 is just 1 stop slower than f/2.8 and using f/1.4 primes will give the photographer more out of focus blur (if he wants that) and higher shutter speeds.

f/4 at 120 mm has a bigger entrance pupil as a 70 mm at f/2.8 - that lens will have more background blur, even at longer different distances between camera and subject to get the same field of view.

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