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Re: New lenses photos and info at NikonRumors

It's the lens I've been waiting for. As the others have said, it's a good travel range and relatively light (compared to the 24-70). It would be much too big if it were f/2.8. With VR, it's capable in low-light situations such as indoor events when flash is impractical (e.g., churches). It has nano coating, which helps with internal reflections; and, because I don't believe Nikon has put nano coating on any lens that is less than excellent, the performance should easily top the 24-120 f/3.5-5.6. At last, a high-quality (I hope and trust!) mid-range zoom for my D700. (I also love the 16-85 on the D300 and this should equal or exceed it in quality.)

I wasn't in the immediate market for the 85mm (at $1600) but I'm disappointed, unlike the other poster, that it does not have VR. I get less steady as I age and the VR would have been a welcome feature.


mogando668 wrote:

The 28-300FX i can understand - it's the one solution for all in the FX world (equiv 18-200)

but i never get the appeal of the 24-120/4 FX, either in Canon or Nikon. F/4 is not that fast, bokeh must be so-so, it's not that much different from a variable aperture one (3.5-5.6), and you pay a freaking high premium for it.

I always thought people who are willing to shell out the huge premium for FX are mostly prosumers or pros, who definitely value primes or f/2.8 zooms. F/4 in such short focal lengths is really no-man's land. (and esp with automated metering and semi-auto modes, constant aperture doesn't offer much compared to the film days anymore)

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