Sigma 10-20 to Sigma 8-16.... Would you, Could you, Should you?

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Re: Sigma 10-20 to Sigma 8-16.... Would you, Could you, Should you?

CrewDog wrote:


Thanks for the colorful commentary (pun intended) and also the rectilinear explanation.

Back on topic, I have experienced buyers remorse from the minute I pulled the trigger on the 10-22 since all indications are that the 8-16 is sharper and, of course wider. That said, I also look forward to trying shooting dramatically-lit landscapes like sunrises/sets where I'd enjoy the capability of a GND filter or perhaps a CP for some "pop"--that is, if I can compose a shot where the sky stays evenly saturated, so maybe not all the way out to 10mm.

My verdict is that I've got to give the 10-22 a try. I've read good things about it, too. Maybe one of these years, we'll all be shooting a 5DIV with a Canon 12-24mm f/2 L IS (I'm dreaming here...) but for now, I need a UWA, and no threads on the 8-16 was the deal breaker.

Edit: But maybe I should try a Sigma 8-16 before my two weeks runs out! Straight lines at 8mm sounds nice...


yeah, you can't use any filer on the 8-16, unless you want to handhold it. have fun with the lens and good luck, report back how you like the lens, which ever you ended up with.

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