D300 Mirror locks up problem.

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D300 Mirror locks up problem.

My D300 has developed a problem with the mirror locking in the up position randomly during normal shooting. It can happen in either single focus or continuous focus modes, and also in shingle shot or continuous shooting modes.

It seems to happen when a highlight or a much brighter object is in the frame. I shoot motorsport and it seems to happen when there is a reflection from a window or chrome trim etc.

The only way to clear it/get the mirror to return is to take another shot, but this only works in continuous focus mode. If in single focus mode the mirror stays up permanently. Even if the camera is turned off and back on again.

The D300 has got 90,000 shots on it and has never exhibited this before.

I thought that it may be a battery or power issue so I went through switching off, removing the battery, decoupling the MB-D10 grip, using it without the grip etc. Problem remains.

The shots when the mirror stays up are also over exposed, some detail is retained though so the shutter is not staying open.

I thought that it may be a lens/body contact problem. Cleaned the contacts and tried several lenses. Problem remains across a range of lenses.

It seems like and electronic/software type of glitch so I have thought about restoring factory default settings to see if that may clear it.

As I mainly shoot action sports this is a real problem and has already lead to me missing a sequence of important shots.

Appart from this issue, the camera performs excellently. Quite frustrating when it happens though.

Before I take it in for repair (potentially expensive), has anyone here seen this type of problem also and if so what was the solution.

Any other thoughs on this? Appreciate any help and advice you may have.


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