DPP Raw Render is really slow on a "modest" computer

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Re: DPP Raw Render is really slow on a "modest" computer

There must be some other issue because your computer is plenty fast. My laptop opens a 5DMKII CR2 and does high quality preview in less than 2 seconds flat. It seems like "bing" its done. I can zoom in all the way to 100% and all looks great.

It may be more related to memory than CPU or graphics performance since I am currently not using the fast graphics card on the laptop. The laptop has 8GB of RAM and a 2.5Ghz T9300 C2D processor which was just one tick below the 2.6Ghz extreme version and with the same amount of cache. My Nvidia 9800GTXm video card has recently died and I am awaiting for the manufacture to find a replacement card so I am using the built in Intel graphics. It is a dual card system. This is why I don't believe it has anything to do with your graphics speed.

Nolock wrote:

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To richiehatch:

Would you mind quantifying "slow" so that we can learn more?


I took a shot at it, here are the results (bear in mind that I don't think of this as "slow", I'm perfectly happy with the way my computer performs with DPP):

From the start time, clicking on the cr2 thumbnail in DPP, until the final, high resolution image is fully displayed on my computer - about 30 to 35 seconds until the full resolution image is generated (the words 'generating a high quality preview..' disappear and the image "sharpens".) It's a 5DmkII raw file, by the way.

The only other app running is firefox with four tabs open. The computer is an older Lenovo unit I got from my brother (surplused from his work, I paid him 75$ for it and worked on it/upgraded it a bit). XP Professional, Pentium 4, 3.0 ghz, 4 gb of RAM, the graphics card is an older nvidia quadro fx 1300 that I got for 20 bucks and stuck in there. With a newer card I think I could speed this up quite a bit but don't want to spend the money.

The conversion time will increase if there are other processor-hog applications running, including photoshop. In general I try not to do anything else except DPP and maybe surf the net. But not DPP and PS together, can be done but sure slows things down.

overall, the performance is very satisfactory for me, beats the heck out of my "old" old computer...

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