Sigma 10-20 to Sigma 8-16.... Would you, Could you, Should you?

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Re: Sigma 10-20 to Sigma 8-16.... Would you, Could you, Should you?

martin brech wrote:

"also the sigma has amazing corner sharpness, it's also a rectilinier lens while the 10-22 is not.therefore I am getting the Sigma 8-16 for my T2i."

could you explain what difference it make to have a rectilinier lens vs a normal lens?

Dan has got this wrong, the 10-22 is a rectilinear lens (as are all the others listed by Paul De Bra).

Also there's a misunderstanding in your question - a rectilinear lens is just a technical term for what we normally regard as a normal lens - one which projects straight lines as straight lines.

Barrel distortion is a small deviation from being truly rectilinear and some lenses have more than others. The 10-22 is exceptionally good, with barrel distortion which is so slight that it can barely be seen even in critical architectural shots. The Sigma 10-20 is very good too, but the 8-16 has very unpleasant 'wavy' distortion that will irritate the heck out of Dan if he doesn't want to do any PP. On the other hand it has exceptional corner sharpness - these are all good lenses, just with different design compromises.

Also, i've seen in reviews that that canon 10-22 has very few distortion at 10, whereas ths sigma 8-16 has a lot at 8mm and 10mm. Could you confirm this?

Anticipated this question above

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