Lightroom Books: Kelby vs Evening

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Re: Postscript: Got Martin Evening's LR3 Book:)

I do not have the Evening book, but I can comment on Kelby because I have his LR3 and CS5 books.

In LR3 books, he goes to great length with the basics of organizing, filing, backing up - basically in Library mode. Page 249 (out of 455 total) is where he starts talking about Develop mode. Now, for someone totally new to LR (including myself), this has got to be amazing. That is exactly what I wanted to know about LR3. Once you are in Develop mode (and I agree, most professionals spend majority time in that mode) - for a novice like me, I mostly use LR3 presets, or Matt's presets (that came with the book). I understand real photographers do not like this cookie-cutter method, but presets does amazing job for me. My point is - for me, more than half the book dedicated to basics was a blessing. For someone who has been using LR for years - this book may seem like a waste.

On the other hand, Kelby's latest on PS CS5 starts very quickly to Camera RAW after going thru Bridge basics quickly. Spends a lot of time in Camera RAW. I somehow did not like it, as I prefer LR. But someone who totally swears by PS - not a bad book.

I have not read the other books, so cannot comment. I tried to download Adobe's LR3 PDF, but my download somehow gets stuck at 7.59MB. Will try again later.

As always, I do read a lot of posts here, and it has changed the way I do things with photos. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work.

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