Official Photographers now banned at Football matches

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Re: PRO Photographers now banned at Football matches

briangb wrote:

It's no different than the military restricting access to "pool" photographers.

In fact, that's what the news outlets should offer to do. Supply a couple of photographers and license the images to all the papers.

Slightly different to the military - that's normally because the army has other things on its mind and worrying about a tog getting shot or blown up could be a bit of a distraction, so reducing the risk is acceptable.

Yes, but they've started restricting even non combat events, like change of command ceremonies, to pool photographers and videographers, from what I've heard.

This is almost certainly as Mr Welshman says - an attempt to increase revenue as well as controlling adverse images going out - which may be OK in totalitarian regimes but in our society has to be a "bad thing".

And that's why the news outlets should offer to supply the photographers for a "pool". The FC would have a hard time refusing and still maintaining the PR high ground, now, wouldn't they?

Certainly in England every newspaper has its own approach, and their togs are given specific directions as to the style and approach to what they photograph. Limiting this is pathetic and self defeating, not to mention reducing the employment opportunities for Pros. Not, in my book, a good thing.

Even the NFL, on this side of the pond, recognizes that, in the greater scheme of things, it's not a good thing to do.

It will, inevetibly, reduce reportage and, thus, interest in the teams, the league and the sport. I would guess that the papers there cover soccer/football very much like ours cover baseball, football, etc. Little articles on certain players, articles on the coach's philosophy, etc. If they can't get pertinent images to go with the articles in a timely manner, like they would if they could send their own shooters in, then those articles won't get written. Coverage could get reduced to game day coverage and that's it. Not to the benefit of the clubs in question...

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