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Cool DIY rig


Your DIY rig looks very cool, and elegantly built. I bet it makes much more efficient use of flash power than mine, since it focuses the light directly onto the subject, and is lined with reflective foil. The difference is very much like the difference between a softbox and a diffusion panel. Your rig looks like a very well built, specialized macro softbox.

However, looking at your macro images, the apparent light-source still looks small and hard-edged. Check out this image from your gallery for an example:

Note the highlights on the water drops. They are small, and very crisp.

One of the things I really like about the pop-up diffuser who's praises I'm singing is because it gives soft-edged highlights. Take a look at this image for comparison: (a 100% crop of a much larger image)

Note how the highlights on the bee's eye are feathered on the edges.

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