HS10 - Keeper or Return?

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Re: HS-10 all in one fun

rattymouse wrote:

Silent Oracle wrote:

sebx71 wrote:

So you are probably very good cook . I have big problem because HS10 is not cheap at all , at half of its price I could get secondhand Canon SX10 IS , the thing which makes me mad on S5 IS which I'm using now are problems with shadows and highlites , maybe S200EXR is even better than HS10 ? Any way it looks like I must wait till price for HS10 drops heavily

Seb, yes - I'm a good cook, but a slow one. LOL!

I would opt for the s100fs over the S200EXR but if pressed for a new camera, it would NOT be a Fuji. I dare to say that I'm never buying Fuji again. Then again, they say 'never say never'. But at this point, I stand firm. Fuji has disappointed me time and time again, and I've finally crossed the line in the sand.

WOW!! You were always a big proponent of the HS10. What happened? Did I miss something?

Ratty, I don't know where you got the 'big proponent' conclusion from.

I tell it like it is; always have, always will.
Silent Oracle

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