Why don't more A700 users upgrade to FF?

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Re: Crop factor and cropping FF images

Gil Knutson wrote:

Robsphoto wrote:

To get the equivalent to the 16-80, you would have to have a 24-120. As a full size Zeiss lens, it would be big and expensive.

This statement is only true if you always want an image from your full frame Sony A900 that measures its maximum size of 6048 pixels x 4032 pixels.

I obviously was not clear... I was meaning that it would be a FF lens as well, because we were talking about equivalencies for the A900... or so I thought. Sorry for any confusion.

I think that people who are considering buying the new A7xx will need to think carefully about their lens purchases. I would be inclined to buy only full frame compatible lenses, as this would give you the most flexibility if you later decide to buy FF, or if you already own FF.

Analysis of the small pixel density advantage of the A700 compared with the A900

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